All the story started form one day,

the girl I work with talked about

a patient she liked but they didn't work out in the end.

She asked me,

" Have you ever tried loving someone,

but you didn't end up with  relationship?"

" Of course, I did. There is no such good thing 

in real life that everything will happen as you wish."

and then she said,

"But we didn't work out not because I am ugly or

he didn't like me. It was because I was too young for him.

I was just 22 or 23. He already divorced once and

wanted a stable relationship. That's why."

I was a little pissed off. What did she mean by that?

I didn't end up with a relationgship because I was ugly?

I almost fight back no matter what the man said or

what excuses you made up, the only truth is


If he really wanted to be with you,

he would at least try harder or make more steps.

Maybe you did have a possiblity,

maybe he was attracted by you,

however, as long as he choose someone over you,

or he just a bit hesitated making decision being together.

The only answer is he is not that into you.

But I was still a coward to say that to break her heart.

Of course not because I was afraid if I have done it,

she would've be an ass in the rest of weeks.

Of course not. Of course not.

As long as the fantasy can help her sleep,

I will keep my mouth shut.

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